Monthly Archives: September 2010

Favorite Mini

Good Monday to you!. I thought I would post a pic of my favorite mini so far. This one kind of has an Asian flair to it.

Please pardon the quality of the pictures. I know they are not the greatest. Maybe Santa will visit early this year and bring me a a better camera. šŸ˜‰


Another Mini

Here is another one of my minis. I call this one Sand Dollar.

Lastest Quilt

Here is part of the latest quilt I have been working on. It is a quilt for my mother-in-law.

Can you tell her favorite color is purple? All of the fabric came from my stash.

Happy Surprise

Yesterday when my husband picked me up from work, I had these waiting for me in the car:

This is actually three pictures of the same bouquet, but there were so many beautiful flowers I to take the picture from three different angles.

DC Metro complete

Here is my completed DC Metro mini.

Quilt Minis

Quilt minis areĀ  something that I started doing a few months ago for a couple of reasons. They are, of course a lot smaller that full sized quilts and therefore quicker to complete and it gives me a chance to practice different quilt techniques in a smaller space, to see if I later would want to complete a larger one. I also put them up in my office so that I can appreciate my own work. So many quilts are completed and then given as gifts not to be seen my me again. Unfortunately I didn’t learn the true value of photographing my quilts until a year or so ago. Here is my latest completed one.

This was the the beginning of the mini. I finished this last month. I call it DC Metro. The inspiration for this mini was from a similar quilt I saw a few months ago called Tokyo Subway. I didn’t realized it at the time, but the original mini quilt i saw, was done by one of my favorite quilters:Ā  Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Fransson! (which incidentally she is doing a quilt-a-long for Tokyo Subway now).

Hello world!

Hello indeed! I am very new to having my own blog. It’s exciting; so much to learn. I had actually been thinking of starting a blog for several months now but IĀ decided to just jump right in.